"We give voice to the dead" 

Case File 15: 'Who's House is This Anyway'  Elyria, Ohio

September 20, 2014: This is an investigation of David's current residence in Elyria Ohio.  Unexplained activity has been occurring in this home at an escalating rate.  David's aunt Carol appears be the focus of an aggressive spirit calling himself "Brad".  Apparently "Brad" lived at this home or property in prior years and has laid claim on Carol's bedroom.  Carol has experienced severe breathing attacks, but only when she sleeps in her bedroom.  In addition, there appears to be numerous spirits in the home.  Are these spirits that David is bringing home with him from investigations?  Are these spirits just passing through or hanging around this home for some unknown reason?  We do get some answers and a surprising message from David's Father and his aunt's deceased husband who we believe are not earth-bound, but were visiting from the "Light".  Much in the same manner in which the Newkirks visited during our first Wakeman investigation.  Gary Jones performs a house blessing and as of the current publication of this web page, all activity has ceased.