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What are EVP's?

Posted on July 30, 2015 at 9:35 PM

So what exactly is an EVP? EVP is an acronym for “Electronic Voice Phenomena”. The belief in the paranormal research field is that spirits or entities, while lacking physical equipment for traditional communication, can alter frequencies in radios, televisions, even background sounds like traffic or birds, to leave messages.

Spirits are composed of energy. It’s the same energy that keeps your heart beating, the same energy that the sun delivers to plants. That energy can “piggy-back” the sounds around us in attempts to amplify…Much in the same way a skateboarder uses momentum to achieve higher jumps.

So what next? Many people have camped out in a dark living room, hit “record” on their iPhone, asked a few questions, and are met with only silence.

It takes energy for spirits to answer. And even when they have it, they may not know how to use it. EVP recordings take time to analyze, filter through layers of ambient “white noise”, and what we are left with are stretched and distorted replies from the Other Side. Of our team, David and his children Chuck and Emily are the most gifted at picking out the voices. Once the audio is cleaned up, it’s easier for the rest of us to hear correctly.

There’s also a method known as “Radio Scan.” This is fairly self-explanatory and uses the same principal. We use a simple AM/FM radio with a manual knob dial. After asking a question, we take a minute or two to just randomly and constantly turn the dial across stations. Spirits can snag a word or phrase used by commercials, songs and talk show hosts to answer questions. This method, along with the Ghost Box (a machine that scans radio frequencies automatically), has one major advantage: often, you can hear responses immediately. Granted it can take a little while to get the hang of it, but the amount of time spent analyzing data is cut in half. Most of the time we can continue a conversation with a spirit without much delay.

Some groups are lucky enough to have access to a phonetic generator. This device, which is much quieter than radio scans or the Ghost Box, allows entities to manipulate energy fields to pluck words directly out of a pre-programmed library. Hopefully we can soon add one to our arsenal.


Now, EVP's can be classified into three distinct groups, known as "classes".

"Class A" EVP's are clear as a bell. Any person listening to the recording can easily and correctly identify the message. These are obviously what we get excited about... they tend to stun the skeptics!

"Class B" EVP's are a bit less clear. Listeners agree that there is indeed a recorded voice, but may disagree about what is being said.

"Class C" EVP's are barely audible. It may be a voice, it may be the audio equivalent to searching for shapes in clouds. You think you hear something abnormal, but can't begin to discern what it may be.


Basically, that's the skinny of it. We have team members who are excellent in sensing the presence of spirits, then others who are gifted in encouraging them to talk, and still others who can clean up their messages. We also manage to capture audible proof of the Spirit World more often than not. That's why we love doing what we do. It is never advisable, however, to just start recording without reading up on the subject. Like Ouija boards, speaking out to the dead can carry certain risks. Would you go around knocking on doors without knowing who was behind them? Take the necessary precautions: say a cleansing prayer before and after attempting communication, and sage your house often.


Stay safe and keep an open ear.

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