"We give voice to the dead" 

Here is a list of our current video case files. 

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Case 52:  'Pioneer Mill Cross-Over'

Tirrin, Ohio

August 21, 2016:  What a wonderful conclusion to the Pioneer Mill Investigation.  We conduct a cross-over ceremony and get incredible validation that Jessee and his family entered the light.  We 

Case 51:  'Spirits of AMVETS'

Vermilion, Ohio

July 15, 2016:   We were honored to be asked to conduct an investigation and lecture to raise money for the 'Sons of AMVETS'.  There were NUMEROUS veteran spirits at the hall.  Including a touching and tragic recount of what appears to be the final moments aboard a battleship before it went down.  GREAT validation question responses and two way communication.

Case 50: 'David'  
Findlay, Ohio

June 12, 2016:  We are asked to conduct an investigation by a family experiencing paranormal activity in their home.  Apparitions, objects moving and feelings of depression and dread have been experienced by most al members of the family.  We discover a spirit named 'David' who seems to have some kind of attachment to the family.  In addition, there appears to be a darker entity within the home.

Case 49:  'Return to Slovak
Lorain, Ohio

June 17, 2016:  We return to the American Slovak Club in Lorain, Ohio to gain more insight from spirits at this location.  We asked the spirits about the 1924 Lorain Tornado and to our amazement they tell their horrific story.  We also make contact with a spirit we believe to be 'Ed Firment' a long time president of the club. Several spirits we communicated with appeared to be 'of the light' and just 'visiting us'  (We believe 'Ed' to be one of those spirits).  However, there were several 'earthbound' spirits at this location with various reasons for not crossing into the light upon their death.  We hear their stories and attempt to heal their hearts and convince them to return home.   

We then, as promised, preform a cross-over ceremony to guide these lost spirits back home to the father.

Case 48:  'Return to Pioneer Mill'
Tiffin, Ohio

June 3, 2016:  We return to Pioneer Mill restaurant in Tiffin Ohio attempting to gain more insight into the blight of Jessee Dalton and 'Edward'.  We discover some very interesting information as more clues to their stories unfold.

Case  47:  'Pioneer Mill'  
Tiffin, Ohio

April 23, 2016:  SPIRITS CAPTURED ON VIDEO! We were shocked to discover several entities our camera picked up behind our investigative team while conducting an EVP Session. This historic restaurant in Tiffin is highly active. We communicate with a spirit named Jesse Dalton. He communicates to us across several different platforms. (P-SB7, sono x10, manual scan, etc) 

In addition a spirit named 'Ed' makes contact with us several times. This is a long investigation, but if you are serious about the paranormal, this is one episode you don't want to miss!

Case 46:  'Addictions (The return)'

Akron, Ohio

April 9, 2016:  We return to Akron and attempt to cleanse our client's apartment of negative entities.  While we do not necessarily believe there was a demonic presence at this location at this time, we do believe there was an open portal in the bedroom closet.

Case 45:  'Addictions'

Akron, Ohio

March 26, 2016:  Our client has been experiencing extreme paranormal activity and was concerned for her and her family's safety. We investigate this historic building in Downtown Akron.  Known for it's history of helping Alcoholics and Drug addicts.  We get incredible evidence that coincide with the building's history.  We discover a 'portal' in her son's room that may explain some of the frightening experiences.

Case 44:  'American Slovak Club'

Lorain, Ohio

March 19, 2016:  We were honored to investigate Lorain's "American Slovak Club"  INCREDIBLE communication.  It appears in one session that we are getting messages about the Lorain Tornado.  Residual energy or are they reenacting the event?  Numerous references to 'bowling' and perhaps one of our most 'animated' sessions yet obtained at the bar.

Case 43:  'It's Carol's House'

Elyria, Ohio

March 6, 2016:  Activity return's to David's Aunt's home.  David and Gary return to perform a blessing and banishment ceremony to rid her home of paranormal activity.  Several clear EVP captured.

'Extra' Malabar Farm 'cuts'

Malabar Farm Out-Takes

This episode includes clips that we did not put in our first presentation "Hi Malabar Farm Hostel".  It includes sessions at the Pugh Cabin and at the nearby cemetery.

Case 41:  'Kilbourne Street'
Bellevue, Ohio

March 5, 2016:  We return to Bellevue Ohio Once again to investigate a century old home where the client has been experiencing loud noises coming from the kitchen.  Our client has also not been able to sleep through the night in many many months.  We make contact with a spirit that seems to have been a serial killer in life.  We also get amazing evidence during the cross-over.  Is this conversation from the light to the earth-bound spirits?  Or one spirit 'letting go' of another who chose to remain behind?  Our follow-up with the client indicates all activity stopped and she was able to sleep solid through the night for the first time in ages.

Case 40:  'Hi Malabar Farm Hostel'
Lucas, Ohio

February 27, 2016:  This was an incredible investigation.  This house and property has a long long history of murder and deceit. This cross-over ceremony was the most intense and emotional experience.  

Case 39:  'The Walkers Cross-over'

North Ridgeville, Ohio

February 19, 2016:  We return to North Ridgeville in attempt to gain more information and cross-over the spirits roaming through this home.  We again make contact with "Jeremy" and capture a stunning traditional class "A" EVP indicating the cross-over was successful.  Rev. Jones was not able to attend this investigation so David our team's Founder conducts the ceremony.  

Case 38: 'Walkers'

North Ridgeville, Ohio

January 29, 2016:  The team head's to North Ridgeville Ohio to investigate a private residence. Our client's cats have been acting strangely and terrified by an unseen presence.  A picture flies off the wall with no explanation.  We discover numerous spirits that appear to be "walkers" that pass through the home on a daily basis.  In addition, the team appears to make contact with a family friend named Jeremy.  Very touching and beautiful to know he is "ok".  This was the Very first investigation that David was not able to attend.  The team performed outstandingly in his absence. 

Case 37:  'Still Angry, Still Attached'

Vermilion, Ohio

January 15, 2016:  We return to Vermilion in an attempt to further understand the entity attached to this family.  While we do not believe this haunting to be demonic in nature, we believe this may be a wraith or PK manifestation.  We once again perform a banishment ceremony.  This is a stubborn entity they may require further help from another team specializing in this area.

Case 36:  'A Bellevue Blessing'
Bellevue, Ohio

January 8, 2016:  We return to Bellevue Ohio to attempt further communication with 'Eric', our client's ex-fiance.  This investigation was a beautiful experience for not only for our client, but for us as well.  We believe that the majority of earth-bound spirits did in fact cross-over.  However, based on one EVP, "I need Confession" we believe one spirit may not have crossed.  This spirit will probably remain earth-bound until a Catholic Priest performs a house blessing on this property.  If activity continues, our client has been advised to secure a priest to perform a house blessing and prayer for this spirit.

A Bellevue Haunting

Case 35:  'Retha House'
Berlin Heights, Ohio

December 19, 2015:  A tribute to a local legendary woman, Retha Martin.  Retha was an amazing woman who helped countless others find their 'true-selves' through hypnotherapy.  We were honored to conduct this investigation and we believe get a message from Retha herself!  A beautiful investigation.

Case 34:  'A Bellevue Haunting'
Bellevue, Ohio

December 16, 2015:  Our client has heard loud banging noise upstairs and in the kitchen.  In addition, the daughters closet door and dresser drawers open on their own.  The children are afraid to play upstairs and the entire family feels frightened to be in the home.  Our investigation leads to the discovery of a father and son spirit (among others) who dwell on the property.  These two spirits do not see eye to eye and often fight.  We believe this fighting is what is causing the banging noises heard.  In addition, the children's father who passed away in April of 2015 identifies himself and makes it clear he is staying around to protect the children.  We do not believe there to be a demonic or negative entity here.

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Case 33:  "Rumsey Park Farm  Homecoming'
Vermilion, Ohio

December 12, 2015:  We return to Rumsey farm to attempt further communication and to perform a cross-over (Homecoming) ceremony.  Once again, we get some very compelling EVP communication.  We are not confident that all spirits residing on this property have cross-over.  However, according to our clients, they are welcome to stay as long as they would like.

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Case 32:  'Rumsey Park Farm'
Vermilion, Ohio

November 20, 2015:   This is by far one of our most incredible investigations!  What a story these spirits have to tell!  As with any communication, we only get pieces of the puzzle and we can only surmise what actually happened.  We get DIRECT two way communication at several points during our investigation.  As usual, Randy was spot-on with his impressions during the property walk.  What an amazing investigation.  Special thanks to our clients.  They are truly amazing people!

Angry Attachment

Case 31:  'Angry Attachment'
Vermilion, Ohio

November 13, 2015:  Our client has been bothered by an unseen presence.  Home owners have witnessed garbage fly out of the trash, a crow appears in their home with no explanation as well as other unexplainable occurrences.  Unfortunately, we have a data drive failure and were not able to capture a large portion of communication.  However, we were able to capture these EVP sessions.

Harrison Street, The Cross-Over

Case 30:  'Harrison Street Cross-Over'
Lancaster, Ohio


September 26, 2015:  We return to Lancaster Ohio to perform a Cross-over ceremony at the request of our client.  Once again it seems "spirits" participate in prayer and reveal messages during our cross-over using the SB-7 Ghost Box.

We receive some compelling EVP communication.

Harrison Street, Lancaster Ohio

Case 29:  'Harrison Street'

Lancaster, Ohio

September 18, 2015:    We travel to Lancaster Ohio.  Our client's daughter Amber has been hearing and seeing spirit children.  Adults have been locked in the basement, objects have moved and footsteps are heard in the middle of the night.  

Bang Bang, The Return

Case 28:  'Bang Bang - The Return'
Elyria, Ohio

September 9, 2015:  We return to the house in Elyria with the strange banging noise.  Since our last visit, the house was quiet for seven weeks.  The banging returned on August, 30 and continued for 16 hours.  This investigation shows evidence of animal awareness, spiritual assistance during our house blessing and possible demonic influence.  

Newt, July 3, 2015

Case 27:  'Newt'
Wakeman, Ohio

July 3, 2015:  This was not a 'formal' investigation.  This was a 'fun' outing at a dear childhood friend of David.     We decided to do a quick investigation.  This was not intended to be an 'episode' but we got some amazing results.  A farmer by the name of Newton Gunn committed suicide by hanging himself in the barn.   'Newt' is still residing at this property after all these years.  In addition, other spirits identified themselves as Anne, Jason, Marty and John Shepard.  Though there seems to be numerous spirits on this property, they seem to be at peace...

Maria, August 18, 2015

Case 26:  'Maria'

Cleveland, Ohio

August 14, 2015:  We were contacted by 'Warren' in regards to paranormal activity in his home.  Warren and his family have been seeing a dark shadow figure in the Kitchen and hallway.  Warren was concerned for his family's safety.  Randy was able to get a solid 'reading' on this spirit entity.  Although there were several entities in the home, a friendly spirit by the name of 'Maria' keeps 'others' in line and protects Warren and his family.

Patrick, August 7, 2015

Case 25:  'Patrick'
Lorain, Ohio

August 7, 2015: Our client's Grand Daughter has an 'imaginary' friend and is terrified to sleep in her own bed.  A mysterious hand print in the shape of a 'mitten' appears in the closet. Unexplained bed shaking and other paranormal activity has been occurring in this home.  Randy and David sense the presence of a small child who identities himself as "Patrick".  Overwhelming sadness is felt both by Randy and David as we communicate with Patrick.  We perform a cross over ceremony and believe that Patrick as well as others rejoined the light.

Bang Bang, July 11, 2015   

Case 24:  'Bang Bang'
Elyria, Ohio

July 11, 2015:  This was perhaps one of our most intense investigations to date.  After much debate, we believe there is a demonic presence or perhaps a P.K. Manifestation.

Case 23:  'Chenango House'

Wakeman, Ohio

June 28, 2015: At the home owner's request, we investigate a house with claims of feeling watched, intimidated, and bullied. We may have found a MIS or demonic entity... as we captured inhuman growling, evil laughter, and our equipment apparently malfunctioning. A return trip is in the works for a cross-over ceremony. 


Case 21:   'A Powerhouse Blessing'

March 28. 2015:  We return to the Powerhouse Gym in Elyria in hopes of getting more information and to cross-over any earthbound spirits.  Once again we capture some amazing evidence as we make contact with several spirits.  A "darker" spirit in the basement may have been holding several spirits back from the light.  Gary performs a cleansing/cross-0ver and confronts this entity with very interesting results.

Case 20:  'Powerhouse Ghosts'

February 21, 2015:   The team investigates a historic building, now home to the Powerhouse Gym, in downtown Elyria Ohio.  We capture remarkable EVP messages from the owner's father (Who has crossed over) and also get many messages from earthbound spirits residing at this property.  In addition, we believe we have captured what appears to be apparitions on our static cams.  

Case 19:  'Home' (Part 2)

Sandusky, Ohio

January 25, 2015:  We return to the Hensley's homestead after both Charles and Adam have once again experienced "Haunting events"  While distinclty different in quality and quantity from our first investigation, it is clear that spirits still reside on this property.

Case 18:  'Attica Farm House - The return'

Attica, Ohio

January 9, 2015:  The team returns to the Rural Farmhouse to conduct a follow-up investigation. Activity returned to the farmhouse on Monday, January 5 after our initial investigation. In this presentation we were able to capture EVP indicating that some spirits did in fact enter the light on our first investigation.  Other remained behind however.  We now believe there is a portal located in the first bedroom and the attic floor above.  We decide to perform a house cleansing and attempt to close the portal in addition to performing another cross over ceremony.  

Case 17:  'Attica Farm House'

Attica Ohio

January 2, 2015: The team heads out to investigate a century old farmhouse in rural Ohio.  The home owners have been hearing footsteps, loud noises on the stairs, objects turning up missing and sleep paralysis. This investigation turns out to be one of our most interesting yet. There are multiple spirits dwelling in this home.  There are some humorous and some very sad EVP recordings obtained. 

Case 16:  'Home'  (Part 1)
Sandusky, Ohio

October 16, 2014:   David returns to his house in Perkins Township to investigate activity that has been experienced over many years.  In fact, David himself was a target of a haunting in the early 90's at this house.  This intense event sparked David's passion and yearning to understand more about the paranormal and spiritual realms.  Unfortunately, his fears of a dark or negative entity plaguing his family were confirmed through EVP obtained on this investigation.  Megan, Emily and Charles were also present in this investigation capturing some very clear Ghost Box EVP.  Based on the recent negative experiences of Megan and Emily as well as threatening EVP directed towards Gary Jones, a house blessing was performed.  A follow-up investigation is warranted and will be conducted soon.

Case 15:  'Who's House Is This Anyway?'
Elyria, Ohio

September 20, 2014:   This is an investigation of David's current residence in Elyria Ohio.  Unexplained activity has been occurring in this home at an escalating rate.  David's aunt Carol appears be the focus of an aggressive spirit calling himself "Brad".  Apparently "Brad" lived at this home or property in prior years and has laid claim on Carol's bedroom.  Carol has experienced severe breathing attacks, but only when she sleeps in her bedroom.  In addition, there appears to be numerous spirits in the home.  Are these spirits that David is bringing home with him from investigations?  Are these spirits just passing through or hanging around this home for some unknown reason?  We do get some answers and a surprising message from David's Father and his aunt's deceased husband who we believe are not earth-bound, but were visiting from the "Light".  Much in the same manner in which the Newkirks visited during our first Wakeman investigation.  Gary Jones performs a house blessing and as of the current publication of this web page, all activity has ceased.

Case 13:   'Newkirk House 2.0'
Wakeman, Ohio

August 30, 2014:   Research from the names Bridgett and Mike Ford given to us on our first investigation reveals that these individuals actually did exist in Wakeman Township. We locate the cemetery where the Fords are buried and discover a connection between the Dunn Family (where Randy is pulled and receives impressions from a little spirit girl).  Later, at the Newkirk house, The kitchen light turns on by itself while our guest investigator Mike conducts an isolation session in the living room.  It was clear that the spirits became frustrated with Mike for not understanding what they were attempting to communicate.

Case 14:  'Car of my Nightmares'
Zelienople, Pennsylvania

August 16, 2014:   This investigation takes us to our first out-of-state investigation. Our client contacted us with concerns over recent nightmares, waking up at 3 am. nightly odd behavior from their dogs, unexplained illnesses  and waking up to find unexplained scratches.  This case had all of the markings of Demonic activity.  While we do NOT consider ourselves demonologists or qualified to take on demonic entities, we agreed to investigate and try to determine what type of spirits may be residing in this home.   This case yielded some very strong EVP communications and also appeared to reveal protective entities (deceased loved ones) that appeared to be there to assist the family.  We were able to validate spiritual activity including a malevolent force.

Case 12:  Newkirk House
Wakeman, Ohio

August 9, 2014:   This investigation and EVP communication provides startling insights to what we call the "Light" or "heaven."  When Randy tell's Don Newkirk that it is "ok" to go to the light, the response is "I am already there".  In addition, we discover that there are earth bound spirits who identify themselves as Bridgett and Mike Ford.  Several Spirit orbs are also captured on video. A "Validation" event is captured on Video when an EVP is captured that says, "Give him a tap" and then we witness Randy suddenly turn and look over his shoulder.  Soon afterwards we hear an EVP that says, "He felt that".  

Case 11:  'Eastlawn'
Lorain, Ohio

July 7, 2014:   Every team member felt a heavy impression in the garage. Megan get's strong Radio Scan Frequency method EVP in the Garage.  The Client's Deceased mother also appears to be one of the spirits who has not yet entered the light.  This was the first investigation where we experienced a rapid depletion of energy from fresh batteries in one of our digital recorders.

Case 10:  'Back to Shalersville'
Shalersville, Ohio

July 12, 2104:  After learning that an "Emily" and Robert Reynolds were listed in the 1910 census bureau, the team returns to Shaylersville in an attempt to gather more information and perform a cross over ceremony for those that indicated thely wanted to go to the "light".  Randy's impression upon the close of the ceremony was that women and children entered the light, but all or "some" of the male entities remained behind.  

Case 7:  'Shalersville'
Shalersville, Ohio

April 26, 2014:   This was an amazing investigation!  There were several very talkative spirits at this abandoned old farm house. A child's voice saying "Daddy" is very clearly heard and Adam and Charles capture amazing Radio Scan Frequency method EVP from several entities identifying themselves as Emily, Robert, Paula and Mavis. We would later discover, with the help of the University of Akron's Archive department, that two of these names actually lived on this property in the early 1900's. 

Case 6:  'Bill & Susan's'
Lakewood, Ohio

April 19, 2014:  Although Dave has been collecting and conducting investigations for several years now and has posted "Blog" style episodes of Spirit Talk, this was the first Video documented case and the start of "EVP Mediums Spirit Talk Paranormal Investigations". This was also Randy's first investigation and his startling discovery of his clairsentient ability.  There were several EVP recordings obtained at this location.  There may have also been a message from the client's deceased relative.  All in all, this was a good investigation and the home owners were wonderfully gracious and accommodating.