"We give voice to the dead" 

Case File #53 'It's in the Closet' 
Lakewood Ohio

September 20, 2016:  We are called to a home with disturbing paranormal activity.  This is one of our 'darker' communication sessions and turns out to be a bit disturbing.  We have not been able to resolve this case...  The client does not wish us to cross-over earth bound spirits (Had we known this we would not have taken the case).  In addition, we obtain evidence of possible demonic infestation.   We have referred a demonologist, but as of this date, The client has not contacted the demonologist for consult.   Upon review of the evidence, our client was  in her words... 'Overwhelmed'.    All we can do is keep her and her family in our prayers.   We presented our evidence, referred a highly reputable demonologist and tried to make contact with our client.  We have not heard from our client since the evidence review.