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Upcoming shows!

January 8th, 2019:

Season 1:  Episode 1: 'The Hatman'   Airdate:  01/08/19  Click Here to listen live to Odysy1.com

Join us as we discuss the Hatman entity.  David (Show host) talks about his terrifying encounter at age 20.  Also on the show, David's children Megan, Emily, Charles and Adam will tell about their terrifying encounters as well.  Who or 'what' is the Hatman?  Hundreds, if not thousands of people world-wide have had encounters with this entity.  

Click Here to listen VIA PodBean Podcast.

January 15th, 2019

Season 1:  Episode 2: 'Communicating with the Dead - A Spiritual Perspective',  Airdate: 01/15/2019  Click Here to listen to Odysy1.com

Reverend Gary Jones (EVP Medium's spiritual advisor) joins us in discussion regarding 'Paranormal Investigating' and biblical truths about 'ghosts' and demons, including Religious views regarding Spirit communication including the use of Ouija and EVP/ITC  communication.

January 22nd, 2019

Season 1:  Episode 3:  Case File Focus: 'The Others'  Airdate: 01/22/2019  Click Here to listen to Odysy1.com

Joining us in studio is 'Lisa' our client from Nova Ohio.  We will get a more indepth perspective on her haunting including an extensive interview and updates on the property and family since our investigation and cross-over.  

January 29th, 2009

Season 1 Episode 4:  'BigFoot? In Lorain County Ohio?'  Airdate 01/28/2019  Click Here to listen to Odysy1.com

Yes, Southern Ohio is considered BigFoot Country here in Ohio.   Many don't realize that Ohio ranks #4 in sightings of this elusive beast.   However, the majority of sightings, more than 90% , occur in southern Ohio near Salt Fork State Park  or in rural eastern Ohio.   However, our guest on this show had a shocking and terrifying encounter in Northern Ohio.  (Lorain County),   Join us as we discuss the reality of Big Foot.