"We give voice to the dead" 

EVP Mediums Shorts: Milan Cemetery

While doing a photoshoot with Lune Bleu Photography, we decided to conduct a brief EVP session using the P SB-7 Spirit Box.  Some were very difficult to hear.  There seemed to be a strong spirit right at the onset of our recording that made it clear "You are not to talk or speak".  Was this a 'command' to the surrounding spirits or to us?  The normally active spirit box was rather 'quiet', but we did get a few good clips none-the-less.

EVP Mediums Shorts: Grandmother butts in

While doing an investigation in Oberlin Ohio, David's Grandmother takes an

opportunity to give him two messages.  These two clips were not included and  were omitted from the investigation summary video.  The original Oberlin video can be seen by members only in our members only section. We were asked to conduct this investigation by the building administrator.  However the 'owners' of the building were highly upset and requested the investigation movie be removed from youtube. Unfortunately, this happens from time to time. 

EVP Mediums Shorts: Messages from the light

This is a small collection of EVP communication with family members of the team that have crossed-over.  For anyone who suffers from the loss of a loved one, this is a must see presentation.  Death may separate us from them, but they are NOT separated from us.   


EVP Mediums Shorts Apartment Ghosts

This investigation took place in 2013 at an apartment complex in Westlake, Ohio.  Occupants of the apartments have seen a girl dressed in early turn of the century clothing in the halls and in their apartments.  We get some amazing EVP communication using Radio Frequency Scan method.

EVP Mediums Shorts Pre-Video Investigation

Evp's from a 2010 Investigation at a Private business in lorain, Ohio.  Business does not wish to have name published, but has approved the release of these EVP recordings.  This was conducted prior to our Video documented investigations.