David Hensley: EVP Mediums Founder: David began conducting EVP recordings in 2010. Since then he has acquired more than 5000 EVP recordings. Many of which are considered class "A." Up until April 2014, David conducted investigations by himself and did not use video recorders. The first video documented case was conducted in Lakewood Ohio and from that point, EVP Mediums was born. David can detect pattern frequency dispersed EVP recordings and can hear/detect a wide range of EVP recordings in regards to "pitch". His amazing ability to filter and "Translate" EVP messages adds to the success of the team. In addition, David is a "sensitive" in regards to detecting spiritual presences. 

Randy Kessler: Co-Founder / Clarsentient: Randy's involvement in the "Paranormal world" started at his current residence. Randy's house is highly "active" in regards to spiritual energy. Many EVP recordings have been captured at Randy's house. In April David asked Randy to accompany him on an investigation to video record the event. Randy agreed, but soon found out that Video photographer would not be in his job description. Before arriving at the location, Randy began to have "visions" of what the home looked like. Right down to floor plan and detailed wall paper patterns. It appears as though Randy is Clairsentient and has the ability to see visions of the past including people and buildings. Randy also picks up on traumatic past emotional events. While invaluable to the team, this sometimes has a negative affect on Randy's emotional state. 

 Randy is quickly learning to adapt to his gifts with each investigation.  

Joyce Baxter - Controller / EVP Medium: Although our most recent addition to the company, Joyce has more than proven herself to be an amazing investigator. Joyce has an excellent ear for a wide range of EVP communication and uses reason and logic to 'connect the dots' of often times broken communication. Joyce also serves as the company's legal counsel and finance officer. If you have any questions for Joyce, she can be reached at  

Shelly Litten - EVP Mediums Case Manager

As case Manager of EVP Mediums, Shelly reviews each case request for acceptance and coordinates assigning team members to each investigation. . Shelly has proven to the founders to be "all-in' when it comes to this organization.

Stephen Burk- EVP Mediums Tech Manager

Stephen is 'the man' when it comes to our video and technical operation. Our quality of production and results will improve greatly with his added talent to our team. Like John-Michael, Stephan's gauges in his ears often prompt the spirits to make comments. luckily, both Stephen and John-Michael are easy going and can handle the comments.

John-Michael - EVP Mediums 

Video Tech

John-Michael was a die hard skeptic turned believer when he 'assisted' in filming ' Ghosts of the Palace.' After filming the very first ITC session in the basement, John-Michael could no longer deny the spirit world. His enthusiasm and charisma brings brings an element of 'youth' to the team. Spirits find his large gauges in his ears to be a subject of conversation. We often get 'interesting' comments from spirits regarding his 'ears'. Sometimes, those comments can be a bit insulting, but like Stephen, John-Michael is light hearted and is not easily offended.   

Vicki Phillips - EVP Medium's Staff Photographer. Fantastic behind the camera, but shy to be on 'film' Vicki is our company's staff photographer. Vicki has a great artistic eye and some of her work has been featured in our introduction sequences. Realizing that we have been lacking in visual evidence, Vicki joined the team in the summer of 2018. Hopefully, vicki will be able to capture visual evidence during our investigations. You can rest assured her work will pay off someday and when that happens we will showcase her findings in the video case-file investigation.

alternate / reserve members:

Megan Flynn - Company Photographer / Researcher

Megan has a beautiful and caring way of communicating with spirits that seem to get solid results. We believe that her motherly nurturing tone and personality compel spirits to trust her and thus resulting in their cooperation to communicate. Megan also has the ability to "Sense" atmospheric changes and instinctively know if a location has residing spiritual entities. Megan and her brother Adam seem to have "something" that radiates to the spirits. We believe both Megan and her siblings have abilities. They have some type of clairsensient ability. She also serves as the company's professional photographer.

Chuck Hensley - EVP specialist:

Although Charles is currently on active duty in the United States Marine Corp. Charles has assisted David via skype and email in regards to EVP deciphering. Charles has an excellent ear when it comes to EVP Communication.

Adam Hensley - EVP Medium: 

Adam Hensley is a gifted young man. We do not know why, but it appears as though spirits are "drawn" to Adam and always want to talk to him. See Shalersville Spirit Talk investigation. Spirits made direct reference that they wanted to "Talk to Adam" and even followed that statement with "I hope that Chuck don't mind."

In addition, during our first visit to the Newkirk House, Spirits ask "Who's that kid?" followed by another voice that says, "He is Adam."

Emily Hensley - EVP Medium:

While not able to attend all investigations, Emily has a gift when it comes to hearing and communicating with spirit. She is a welcome addition on all investigations she is able to attend.