"We give voice to the dead" 

We know paranormal entities exist and we have plenty of evidence to prove it.  What they are?  Well, that is the question now isn't it?  Are they ghosts? demons? angels?  Aliens?  or something entirely beyond our comprehension?  Ultimately that is up to you to decide.  

EVP Mediums is dedicated to helping those suffering from a 'haunting'.  We do this by counseling our clients and letting them know they are not 'crazy' and they are NOT alone.  Too often people are laughed at and ridiculed if they even mention their house may be 'haunted'.  As a society, we have been conditioned as children: "There are no such thing as ghosts."  That could not be farther from the truth...  There is "something" and we can communicate with it.

We conduct our research by focusing on and identifying what type of entity may be causing the haunting.  (Yes, there are many types).  We then specialize in communicating with the spirit(s) in order to determine why they are there and why they have made their presence known.

It is NOT our mission to convert the die-hard skeptic, nor compete with other paranormal investigative teams.  We don't always do 'what's popular' and we don't always subscribe to the many popular theories out there.  No one in this field has the right to call themselves 'experts.'  Including EVP Mediums.   The evidence and case studies presented on this website speaks for itself.  In addition, our clients bare witness to our capabilities.  We don't always have the answers, but we will do everything in our power to help those in need.

-David Hensley
EVP Mediums Founder