"We give voice to the dead" 


Our Mission is three fold:

1)  Help our Client

2)  Help the Spirit Cross-over  (If possible)

3)  Educate the public.

We conduct investigations free of charge within the 'northern Ohio' region of the United States.  We specialize in EVP / ITC communication.  Please understand, if we encounter earth-bound human entities, we will attempt to cross them over.    We will not accept cases in which clients are not willing to allow the spirit a chance to move on.  

 It has been our experience that spirits are literally everywhere.    Keeping this in mind,  a property is not 'haunted'  unless the living have become aware of their presence.  (i.e. voices, knocks, footsteps, missing or misplaced items, etc).   In most cases, the living have become aware of the presence of spirit because the spirit is actively attempting to make their presence known.  The are many reasons why a spirit may have become suddenly active.  We attempt to communicate with spirit to determine why they have made their presence known.  If we can determine what the spirit is attempting to communicate, we have a much better chance of crossing them over. 

 *If we determine the presence of a non-human entity, Demonic or poltergeist activity, we will make referrals.  EVP Mediums are NOT demonologists.

EVP Mediums is proud to be the subject of a short feature documentary by film maker Ian Kelly. We believe this documentary captures the essence of EVP Mediums and why we work in such a controversial field.  We are honored and humbled to help both client and spirit.

Click on image to view this short 20 minute film.